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Motivational quote

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Motivational quote

Motivational quote

December- Moses Mabhida Stadium

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My my how the year has disappeared.  Everybody scurrying around shopping for Christmas gifts, can’t even believe my eyes. My body on the other hand feels every bit of the exhaustion of the years hard work :).  For me standing here today in front of my really pretty looking table I can safely say that 2012 has definitely had it’s tough moments.  I grew from having a little craft table in village market to opening up my own little shop, and in four months have grown.  I have had a few hiccups but that goes without saying but I know there are big plans ahead, as I look at my table and watch the contents quickly disappear into the shoppers bags, I love it.  Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year…Love and Blessings to you all. Thank you for your continued support.


iHeart August

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I was all unpacked, table display looking stunning as usual if I may say so myself:).  I was geared up for another beautiful day at the Moses Mabidha Stadium.  The turnout is always great, so we artist know that we going to meet and great some lovely people and obviously sell our  awesome products, well atleast some.  Well was I in for a surprise, my day seemed to be dragging, i watched the lovely people , smiled, greeted and waved  at some familiar faces.  Eventually I decided to scout around, it’s always comforting to talk to others at the market, especially when I was experiencing a “quiet” day.  Well to my surprise I was not alone it seemed that it was the overall vibe of the day…everybody seemed to be experiencing  the curse of  the”tight purse syndrome” :), who can blame them, with all the price increases we have had recently… well next month will be better Always…thanks for your support and love…

Moses Mabidha – July

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Whew!Can you believe seven months into the year?  There is a hub of activity in Durban today it is unbelievable.  The horse racing which is drawing thousands of fans from around the world, there is rugby and ofcourse iHeart Market.  Where to go you maybe wondering, well let me tell you, the iHeart Market is the place to be:), parking is abit of a nightmare, but if you have nerves of steel believe me its worth the wait.   Lots of stall holders had time to walk around during this market I guess everybody went to different fuctions, so even though we had lots of “lookers” we didn’t have too many “spenders”. For those of you whom spent the Saturday with us, thank you for your loyal support, good on you.  See you soon.

Chelsea Prep School – June

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This is such a lovely school of pupils, I love going to this school.  The kids are So happy and well mannered.  The atmosphere is always joyous for us crafters.  The kids have such curious minds, always wanting to know how and why.  I was pleased to see some fimilar faces from the previous year, some actually remembered me, which made me smile:).  That made me proud, made me realise that I was doing something right, its not often one gets to feel that way.  I loved my experience, somehow when my day involves lots of kids I smile more, sell more and relax even more.  I guess Chelsea Prep is my remedy:)) Well done guys and gals!  See you again:)

Moses Mabidha Stadium -June

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Stunning Market, lovely vibe, lots and lots of shoppers:) yay!!! I had some lovely new products called mosaic your memories, and I had a fantastic response to them.  It’s always exciting to get your hands on new crafts and try out exciting projects, the challenge is watching peoples reactions to them.  I have made numerous items utilising mosaic your memories some more attractive than others, my hubby always says im too critical of my work:), I guess I have to be especially being surrounded by artistic people in this market.  Anyways thank you all for your lovely smiles and good wishes, until the next one, God Bless!

Pop and Win @ uShaka

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My customers loved the little surprises in the balloon.

Moses Mabidha Stadium

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My day seemed to have dragged on.  I thought yipee it’s mothers in the next few day’s everybody will shopping for gifts for mom, nope I had it all wrong.  The crowd seemed layed back and going about the usual saturday eating and drinking, just enjoying the market. I use day’s like these to catch up on my shopping so guess what I spent money, therapy was really good.  Overall I had a fabulous day.  Thank you all for your support and constant kindness.


Next Market Moses Mabhida Stadium 7th April

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Sensational is one word that comes to mind when I think of the day.  The weather was great as well which was a double bonus.  My day started off  well thanks to some very loyal customers :).  Time always seems to fly when you having fun, can’t wait for the next market.  I am also excited because I will be introducing my new glitter kits so be on the look out.  For those of you that can’t get to the market, you can always find me at uShaka Marine world in the Village Walk Craft market.

Thanks again for all your contributions and lovely words:)

Moses Mabidha Stadium – 3 March

// March 14th, 2012 // 4 Comments » // Happenings

I feel like a nomad :) I am sure I that I am not alone.  We have once again moved location, which is a positive for us, traders I believe.  Aside from relocation matters, the day was awesome, atmosphere stunning. I did notice that the shoppers seemed to be spending slightly more cautiously.  The day howcver was still joyous, chatting, meeting and greeting people is always a treat for me.  Thanks to all our loyal supporters.  See  you next month.