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Ushaka – Pop Balloon Competition

// April 30th, 2012 // No Comments » // Fans' Space

This lot of kids were a special gift from God, sent into the shop especially for me, at least thats the way I felt for the time they were there.  The excitement and exhiliration was beyond comprehension.  These kids spent at least half hour asking questions about art and naming things that I had created and shareing stories about their art with me, it was the best half hour I had for the day.  I even had little Salma in yellow sit on my lap telling me she would love to spend her birthday in November with me at my shop, what a cutie.  I truely love my job, these little treasures make it a pleasure to get up and go in the morning.

Lisa Oosthuizen Age 12

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An amazing job with the use of the colours, I love it. Well done! :)


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Beautiful Luzaan was on holiday from Johannesburg, and popped into my shop at Ushaka Marine World for a quick mosaic lesson. During our time together she not only completed her project but we developed a brand new friendship, thats the true beauty of art. When two complete strangers meet and become friends over little pieces of broken tiles, amazing what craft can bring about. Thank you Luzaan and well done!



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This was a student who has never done mosaics before. Thanks for submitting your photo, fabulous job!


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Preshnie has been one of my adventurous students, first lesson and she takes on the word “Faith” to mosaic. My, was I impressed, she did a fabuolous job! I have created a monster :) See you again soon! Good Job!!!

Blaze Age 4

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Little Star :)

Well done! For a little boy I was so impressed with his
attention to detail.  It was really fun
having little Blaze in my shop, it makes my journey truely amazing!

Mikayla Age 15

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Stunning Bling Pencil Holder

Taylia – Age 5

// November 13th, 2011 // 1 Comment » // Fans' Space

Bling Kit