iHeart August

// November 25th, 2012 // Happenings

I was all unpacked, table display looking stunning as usual if I may say so myself:).  I was geared up for another beautiful day at the Moses Mabidha Stadium.  The turnout is always great, so we artist know that we going to meet and great some lovely people and obviously sell our  awesome products, well atleast some.  Well was I in for a surprise, my day seemed to be dragging, i watched the lovely people , smiled, greeted and waved  at some familiar faces.  Eventually I decided to scout around, it’s always comforting to talk to others at the market, especially when I was experiencing a “quiet” day.  Well to my surprise I was not alone it seemed that it was the overall vibe of the day…everybody seemed to be experiencing  the curse of  the”tight purse syndrome” :), who can blame them, with all the price increases we have had recently… well next month will be better Always…thanks for your support and love…

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