This is just a little back ground information about myself.  I am a law graduate, who worked in the Corporate Industry for 10 long years, loved and hated it.  Eventually decided that my life needed a change in direction and that was that.  I toyed with the idea of crafts for a while, did many different types of craft lessons with many different people, qualified and unqualified :).  I then decided to put a lable to all my crafts and at the time “Chelle’s Crafts” sounded appropriate.  As time evolved I realised this idea became more serious to me, the more I spent time with it the more I loved it.

When I spoke about the subject I became excited, my heart raced that was when I decided this was it.  I can almost compare it to the feeling one gets everytime one walks into a sweet shop.  I then decided to do my first market, which didn’t go too well. I changed a few little things, including the direction and the focus and here I am ” 4 Craft Sake” was born.  My energy and passion is now mainly channelled into creating beautiful mosaic pieces, and at the same time making people smile.

I am a firm believer of allowing children to explore art in various forms and I have utilised my passion to exploit this avenue by creating craft kits, that assist children in tapping into their creativity.  I beilieve we owe ourselves the responsiblity to play.